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Inspired by a classic shape, the new Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers are designed to stand out from your knitting. They slide easily along your knitting needle.

These stitch markers are earth toned equilateral triangles in three sizes to accommodate needle sizes US6/4mm, US9/5.5mm, and US11/8mm.

Each set of markers includes 6 of each size and colour (36 total). Packaged in an uncoloured steel tin with hinged logo-embossed lid (38mm X 38mm X 15mm). Tin and markers all cling to the Cocoknits Maker's Keep.

Why use a triangular stitch marker? Here are just a few reasons: They are helpful when working lace or YO patterns because the points hold the “stitch to be" in place. ⁠ A lot of people find them more comfortable because the flat edge is flush along your fingers unlike the curve of a circle. ⁠ For many, the points make them faster to slip from one needle to the next. ⁠ Honestly…sometimes we like to use them just because they’re fun (and cute).

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