Foundation Paper Piecing for Beginners - 6 June 2024

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Thursday 6th June 10am - 4pm

Come to class with Robin to master the technique of Foundation Paper Piecing!

FPP is a method of assembling quilt blocks by stitching fabric onto a paper template with your sewing machine. It's not just perfect for intricate shapes or complex images - this technique can also ensure precise lines and points for simpler blocks.

Once you've learned this technique, take it further and use your newfound skills to make a cushion cover, table runner, or even a whole quilt!

You will need to bring to the class:

  • 6 fat quarters: 2 dark, 2 contrasting mediums and 2 lights for background.
  • Sewing machine: in good working order. Don’t forget both the power cord and the foot peddle.
  • Thread: 50wt cotton thread – Konfetti is the one we sell at Makerie but any 50wt thread is fine.
  • Needles: 80/12 Universal needles. Sewing through paper will dull your needle, so be sure to bring spares.
  • Rotary cutter and scissors for cutting both fabric and paper: Cutting through paper will dull your blades so keep one for FPP only.
  • Small Cutting mat and Small Pressing mat: Makerie sell a combination cutting and ironing mat which is suitable for small projects.
  • Iron: We have a small iron for classes, but it is recommended that you bring a small iron to use at your work station. This will save time and the necessity for you to get up down between each seam.
  • Quilting ruler, ideally an Add-A-Quarter ruler: 2 inches long or longer for constructing and trimming your blocks.
  • Washable Glue Stick or Roxanne’s glue: You can use any of the craft glue as long as they wash away.
  • Template plastic: this is for folding your fabric over so needs to have a straight edge, (I suggest you use an uncut piece) a postcard cardstock.
  • Quilt ruler: A 6 by 12 inch or 6 by18 inch is a good size.
  • You may also like to bring your general sewing supplies- pins, snips, seam roller etc.
  • Foundation Papers: These will be supplied at the class.

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