Blackwattle - Lilly Pilly 2ply Lace - Into the Darkness

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Lilly Pilly 2ply lace weight yarns are perfect for delicate scarves and shawls, with a stunningly soft texture and lovely drape. Lilly Pilly is also a popular choice for double-stranding, either to increase gauge or get creative with complimentary or contrasting colours! Fibre: 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere Skein size: Approx. 100 grams / Approx. 800 metres (874 yards) Recommended Needles: 2.0mm – 5.0mm (US 0 – 8) depending on the fabric you require for your project. As a rough guide; 2.0mm – 2.75mm (US 0 – 2) – Less open knits. 3.0mm – 3.75mm (US 2.5 – 5) – Lace shawls and scarves. 4.0mm – 5.0mm (US 6 – 8) – Open lace work and shawls. Recommended Hooks: Variable depending on the fabric you require for your project. The knitting needle size above can be used as a guide. Care: Non superwashed – We suggest a gentle hand wash. We recommend drying garments flat and not tumble drying.

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